I Was An Idiot Once

by Ice Cream Orphan

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released July 15, 2016

Recorded February-June 2016 in Cam’s basement by Cam Pulaski and Kate Banacos

Mixed by Cam Pulaski

Mastered by Jake Checkoway

Cover art by Mia Antinoro

All songs written by Cam Pulaski

All of the sounds that you hear on this album are made by Cam Pulaski

Special thanks to my family, my friends, all of the bands who have played shows with us, anyone who has given us the opportunity to play a show, and anyone who inspired me to write these songs.



all rights reserved


Ice Cream Orphan Boston, Massachusetts

Living in either Massachusetts or Connecticut. Likes to write songs for me and play them for you.

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Track Name: Everything About You
I need a little self esteem
To bring me back into the dream
That I created to protect
Me from the things that may affect
The way I feel about the way
You build me up and make me pay
It's hard to listen to my heart
When our minds are so far apart

Just save my mind

But when I see you I'll forget about the thoughts I had last night
But when I see you it'll be like nothing happened and I'm alright
Then when I leave you and I cannot see coz you're out of my sight
I'll forget everything about you

It's never about what I think
It's only about what you need
Then when it's the end of the day
You tell me what I had to say
To keep you from making me do
The things I never wanted to
But I could never wrap my head
Around the things that you have said

Just save my mind


I can't resist
When you're with me
Then I get home
I can't break free

Track Name: Fell For It Again
It was just four hours ago
You, me and him were all alone
We had settled in after some fun
A time that was second to none

That's when we heard a knock at the door
You got up to see who it was
And I haven't seen you since
Won't you tell me who it was?

It was probably him and he was probably begging you to come outside
And once his speech was over and his fake tears had dried
You ran into his arms and said, "Baby! I love you!"
And he thought, "She fell for it again." But he said, "I love you too!"
I can't believe you fell for it again

It was just a month ago
You and me were spending time alone
We had planned on turning a show on
And watching episodes 'til dawn

You head your cell phone ring
You said, "Hold on." And picked it up
Suddenly, you ran outside
Won't you tell me who it was?


You never say who it is
After you run out of the room
And we have no way of knowing
So we just have to assume
But I think I have a hunch
On who's been taking you from me
So when I heard that knock at the door
I knew exactly who it'd be

Track Name: Let Me Do The Talking
I know that you are on the couch
On the verge of passing out
But you care way too much to do that
So you just lie where you once sat
Your fingers are as strong as your arms
If they weren't then you would lose your charm
Your legs are as strong as your charge
Which I can tell isn't very large

Considering the fact that I'm still blind
You gotta let me do the talking sometimes

I never really know what to say to you
Unless I have a minute or two
To consider the words you're about to see
A regular gift to you from me
The taste of your lips really brightens my day
Especially when you are far away
Your beautiful smile makes me less mean
Especially when I see it through a screen


You only pay your bills so you can talk to me and all of your friends
Is this a new kind of communication, or is it just the end?

I guess I'll just accept your brand new love
For the satellites flying up above
I'll never know when they fall out of the sky
Coz along with them, our connection will die
I've never been a fan of being close
But when our love burns, we'll have to make the most
Of spending hours sitting alone
In a little house of our own

(Chorus) x3
Track Name: Small Thoughts In A Big Head
This is my only available paper
So I gotta make this one count
I have fought many men
With a warrior sound
I built a million castles
That were all torn down at once
I met a crazy man
Who made me a dunce

Today I flew an airplane
And crashed it into the ground
I punched all of the monsters under my bed
Until they came crashing down
I traveled a thousand miles
While I was sitting
Maybe I am awesome
Or maybe I'm just kidding

The demons ran away
Coz I can see in the dark
Fire doesn't burn me
Coz I learned how to make a spark
I can never fall
Coz I learned how to fly
I can never live
Coz I learned I will die


I have never stopped
Since I was pushed to start
Maybe it is what I was built to do
Now with the right tools
You can tear me apart
Why did I have to learn that it was you?


Track Name: Throwing Rocks
As I sat there next to you
I couldn't help but think about
Just letting all of my feelings out
And though it was the last time
That I'd ever see you again
Coz after you'd be leaving then
You'd be gone forever
And I would probably miss you lots
Or have all of these crazy thoughts
Instead I sat there next to you
And didn't say a single fucking word

As I sat there next to you
I wanted to say something
But instead I just said nothing
And I regret it quite a bit
I wish that I had spoken
Or just kissed you, now I'm broken
I should've just stopped caring about you
Now I care way too much
So I love you way too much
And now it's time to say goodbye
I wish that I had never said hello

And as I watched you walk away
I said, "Well fuck you too!"
Though I knew it was me not you
And now instead of throwing rocks
To wake you up, I throw them
At your window 'til it's broken
And then I run away and hope
That you'll be running close behind
I look back, but I just can't find you
I'll guess I'll go home and hope
That later, you'll be throwing rocks at me
Track Name: Untitled
The moon is lighting up your night
But she's ruining your life
I'm too far from where you cry
And we have never said goodbye

You say change is blocked by fear
But see how much you've grown this year
Though you still are the same size
You have grown so much inside

Sometimes you have to let go of friends
Coz people change and friendships end
It is okay to be scared
It only means you cared

Your past has kept you still
Let go or it always will
It is not fun to be stuck
In fact it kinda sucks

I've gotta talk to her so she understands
That right now, there are tears that are covering your hands
You are small and I am smaller
But I'll still get up the courage to call her
It's the least that I can do
But the most anyone will do
Track Name: Your Brain
If I became less interested in you
I don't know what I would do
How in the hell do you go about
Kicking someone who's in love with you out?

Your mind and body are more appealing
I never steal but my eyes have been stealing
Glances at your gorgeous face
I wish I could see your brain

I can't possibly say that I don't love you
I can't possibly make myself above you
I can't possibly say that I don't love you
Maybe I'm just too nice for that

If I had no more love to give
I don't know how I would live
And you're asking through my door,
"Where's the love we had before?"

My head felt like it had been abused
After months of being so confused
I just couldn't hold it back
I'm sorry about the day I cracked